Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I love Facebook

Message, to Kevin from Haley “Oh that's good. I certainly don't want to cause any distress or discord in your relationship.” 

Ever the peacemaker, I am concerned solely about them at this point. I think it’s my way of pushing down the fear of rejection if I worry about them instead. I can’t bring myself to think about what may happen to me if this one goes south too. New father, new siblings, new mother-figure (what’s the right title for your bio-father’s wife? The first question that Google has failed to answer for me...), that’s 5 potential relationship losses. Would that be 5 times more painful than last time, or would it be exponentially more than that? Thank God that my brain has the sense not to dwell on these thoughts as Kevin’s reply breaks the spell.

Message, to Haley from Kevin “Thanks for that, I'm not too worried about that, who knows where it will lead? There will always be a few wrinkles, frankly I'm blown away we're having this conversation! I knew there was a reason I got Facebook!” 

Relief washes over me, it’s overwhelming. I still tear up reading that sentence, “I knew there was a reason I got Facebook.” I love Facebook. To think I’ve been flirting with Twitter. Twitter, we’re off.

Message, to Haley from Kevin “I appreciate the chat this morning, I'm about to head to work, perhaps you can consider where to go from here. I'm ok with whatever you'd prefer.” 

Where to go from here. Where is here? I am dumbstruck.

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