Monday, 25 April 2011

March 7

Message, to Haley from Kevin: “Your timing is right Haley, I think you found the right person.. Not sure where to go from here, perhaps you could let me know. Wow! Is right!” 

Where to go from here. I don’t know how to answer that. Where do you start after 27 years? 

Message, to Kevin from Haley: “I’m not really sure either! I’m married, live in Edmonton. No kids, just a dog.” 

What would you want to know about your long-lost daughter? I suppose that she’s somewhat normal and luckily (for the most part) I loosely fit in that category... 

Message, to Haley from Kevin: “I too am married, for 18 years, we have 3 kids, and a dog.. We live in BC, in the lower mainland.” 

What would you want to know about your long-lost father? That he’s a dog person. Phew. 

Wait, three kids? I have siblings! I’ve spent 27 years as an only child, this is a revolutionary thought to me. I finally get to be an older sister. Then, there’s the fear again, will I know how to be an older sister? Will I even get the opportunity? How could you ever own up to past indiscretions to your children? To your children...oh my gosh, what about his wife? Does she know?

Message, to Kevin from Haley “Three kids? That’s awesome! I don’t have any siblings. Does your wife know about me?” 

As I’m asking this question, I’m wondering if I really want to know the answer. If I’m still a secret after all these could I ask anyone to spring that news on their spouse. “So honey, you know how I used to go out with Camille...well there’s this other thing I neglected to mention...” Awkward. Awkward squared.

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