Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Avid Readers

Email to Haley, from Kevin; March 10, 2011

Hi Haley,

My kids are unbelievable; we have (ok, Linda has) homeschooled since day one, we knew we'd be moving so wanted to prevent a bunch of the junk. They've all played sports here and there but today their activities revolve around school and piano. They're all pretty good, Amy just passed her grade 8, Daniel is taking the grade 8 test in June, and Sarah is in grade 3 piano. Daniel enjoys scouting, Amy lives for the piano and Sarah does ballet - a real diva in the making!

This will give you a chuckle, our whole family are avid readers, it’s not uncommon to have three or four of us hanging out crazy is that? My kids will read a few books every week.

As of now our kids don't know about you, and we think that will depend on you and Nick, in terms of your desires. If you'd like to have a growing relationship then we would be happy to tell them, as I'm sure they'd be thrilled. I don't think it wise to have a short-term relationship with them in it as I don't want to break their hearts with a roller coaster program.

I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters, they're all great, and remember they're family, so they're all special in their own ways.

Daniel promised to hook my computer up with skype, so I'll get him to sometime in the next few days (he's at camp tomorrow for the weekend so it will be early next week), it would be fun to do.

Something I try and keep in mind is to only go as fast as we can adjust to, and in my mind you and your family are the pacesetters, do your parents know? Are they ok? Are you ok with what they think? Those kinds of things...



The kids sound just like me! I remember when I was younger I used to go through at least 5 books in a week (the max allowed out at one time from our public library; I had to go to the public library once I had read through our middle school library).

Would I be a roller coaster? I don't think I could go in and out of someone's life, I'm usually pretty loyal. Hmmm. Can you rent someone for a few days to come in and make all the important decisions in your life? I need to rent a pacesetter. I am not good at doing that in my own life, never mind when it would impact two families.

He sounds like such a good Dad. I wish my parents were home to talk to.

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