Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Do your kids know?

Email to Kevin, from Haley; March 10, 2011

7 kids? Wow! I grew up in a really small Mennonite town, some of my friends growing up came from families of 9! My best friend was 2nd youngest and had 7 brothers and 1 sister. That always made me wonder what it would be like to be one of many. I was the main focus in our family.

So are your siblings scattered across Canada or are most of them still in #yeg? How many bro/sis?

My husband Nick is from a family of 4. He's #3, has an oldest brother who's married and has a 3 year old (almost 4), an older sister who's married, then youngest brother is single and lives abroad. He's a university student. We are hoping to visit him this fall.

How are your kids doing? Do they play any instruments or sports? I used to play basketball in jr high, until a girl stepped on my foot when I was going for a layup. Tore all the ligaments in my ankle. I took piano for a while, but didn't stick with it. I love to read, that's still my favourite activity!

Do your kids know, or are you even going to tell them? I imagine it would be a very difficult/awkward conversation. I'm just curious :) definitely not pressing for that!

Do you have skype? Maybe we could do a skype call sometime.

Ok my 20 questions are up :)


"Do your kids know, or are you even going to tell them?" That was so hard to think about. I have two cousins on my biological mother's side that I have never been allowed to meet. They were age 3 and 5 at the time of our reunion, so now they'd be about 9 and 11. Every year I miss with them is painful. 

What if I am never allowed to meet my siblings? "Definitely not pressing for that!" Well, that's only true in the sense that I don't want to press any issue during a reunion. I told myself that I must be amenable. This time will be different.

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