Thursday, 12 May 2011

A Big Sister

Email to my new family, from Haley; Subject: "A Big Sister"; March 14, 2011

Linda - It sounds like you married an amazing husband and father. I know we all have some baggage in the past, but not everyone inherits a 27 year old. Thank you for being supportive of this whole situation and thank you especially for letting me share Kevin. I don't want to disrupt any family dynamic intentionally, but I know that things will probably be a bit different now. I hope that's ok with you. I hope I can be a great addition :)

Daniel- It must be great to be an older brother. I know you've got some serious responsibilities on your shoulders. Soon you'll have to fend off future suitors for not just one but two sisters. You get to be the 'man' of the house when your Dad's away. And you have two sisters who may have ganged up on you to force you to play house or let them cut your hair...I'm sorry that I don't balance out the boys side for you :) But at least you don't have to screen my boyfriends, I'm already married! Seriously though, what a great honour I'll have if you allow me the privilege of being your big sister. I always wanted a brother to show me how to do some boy stuff like playing video games or someone to play catch with. I also need someone who can recommend some great books...I go through a couple most weeks! I hope you can help me out with some of that!

Amy and Sarah - I saw your pictures and you are both so beautiful! I am so excited to have sisters! If you're ok with me joining your family as your big sister, I think we may have some great late-night chats, spa dates, watch Anne of Green Gables with giant boxes of kleenex and maybe you're past the barbie stage...but I still have a box of barbies that haven't seen sisters play together yet.

I'm so looking forward to meeting you all and discovering what you actually like to do instead of guessing!

With great expectations,

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